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Compare No.1 Smartwatch with Apple Watch

Nowadays,many people are attracted by the great multifunction of smartwatchesand dependent on using them. Smartwatches are turning to be a part ofpeople's everyday life. Smartwatches as a fashion symbol, get moreand more people's favorite. If you still don't have a smartwatch, youshould probably start thinking of having one.

Manymanufacturers compete in the field of smartwatch, No.1 smartwatch &smartphone manufacturer is one of them. Faced with such fiercecompetition, as a manufacturer of android smartwatch, we are alwayslearning and growing.

The Differences Between NO.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+

Inearly August, we’ve already introduced D5 plus, but there are stillmany customers ask us that the difference between D5 and D5plus. Thedifference between No.1 D5 and NO.1 D5+ will be tell from thefollowing parts.


Aboutits design. Actually, design is basically remain unchanged. But ifyou look carefully, you can find some differences.

Lookat the back. In the center of D5 plus, we can see there are threepoints, but D5 only two points. That’s because D5 plus uses thesecond generation of heart rate, the test will be more accurate.

Five Reasons to Buy the NO.1 G5

For most friends who have running, riding and other outdoor sports hobbies to say, at all times and places, to control their own health index is crucial. Now, just relying on a mobile phone APP software application to test data is already unable to meet the needs of users, therefore, a professional and fashionable smart watch can be described as a wise choice. Well,

About NO.1 D6 Smartwatch System Bug Solution

Smart hours managed to become one of the most active companies in the field in China NO.1  company models presented earlier smart watches SIM slot and a sort of smart watches never adding to the telephone connection had made small type smart phone.

Instructions of DIY custom dial - NO.1 D5, NO.1 D6 watch face DIY

Entire customdial divided into four parts.

Part 1: parsethe file,

Part 2: previewpictures,

Part 3: specificimages,

The system is tocreate a dial by parsing the information in the file. Afterconfiguration is complete, put the file into the files “ ClockSkin” of watch memory through th

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